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Privacy Policy

In compliance with the Personal Information Protection Law, Office Amano acknowledges the importance of personal information and our responsibility to protect personal information by adhering to the following fundamental policy.

  1. All personal information received from users will be used only within the scope of the business operations for which it was collected.
  2. All personal information received from users will not be used for any purposes other than the execution of business.
  3. All personal information submitted by users will not be disclosed to third parties with the exception of a legitimate or legal demand by official institutions.
  4. Personal information will be collected only as necessary to achieve those purposes in all legality and fairness.
  5. Personal information will be used as needed for the provision of Office Amano services or for customer inquiries.
  6. Personal information will be handled in accordance with laws and other related standards.
  7. Personal information will be handled based on the regulations of this company.
  8. We will make our reasonable best efforts to prevent the leakage of any personal information collected.
  9. In order to protect personal information, we will continuously improve our information security.
  10. Our entire staff is well versed with and without exception will comply with regulations for the protection of personal information.
  11. We will continue to revise and improve our publications regarding the protection of personal information.



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