Message from Shizuko Amano,President of Office Amano

In 1982, after training in Japan to become a video editor, I moved to New York City and spent 25 years working on the production of television programs and films on the arts, especially music, and on English language education.


My work, both before I moved to New York and after, has been made possible by the strong support I received from NHK (Japan Broadcasting Company). For five years, from 1983 to 1988, I worked full time at the NHK New York bureau; a period when NHK expanded into 24 hour satellite broadcasting of international news, and into the development of high definition broadcasting. What I learned, being on the front line of those exciting developments, contributed greatly to the success of the many projects that followed.


When I returned to Japan in 2007 to work out of Tokyo, I wanted to put my past experience to good use by producing programs that promote the arts, English, and international exchange in the context of a globalizing world. Today, I work on program planning and production not only for clients in Japan but America, Europe, and Asia.


When I lived in America I experienced firsthand the struggle to learn English, and one of my goals is to put this personal experience to use through an even greater dedication to producing programs and visual materials that aid English education in Japan’s elementary and middle schools.


I am deeply committed to creating programs that both instill a sense of pride and identity as Japanese, and deepen communication between the Japanese and people of other countries. In particular, I want to contribute to producing programs that encourage cultural interaction among Japanese and the people of other Asian countries.


Shizuko Amano
President, Office Amano
Spring 2011




Profile of Shizuko AMANO, President of Office Amano
1973 Graduated from Seijo University Junior College English Course
1974 Assistant director for a children’s program for TV Asahi.
1975-1982 Film editor for NHK documentaries, including Shin Nihon Kiko (New Journey Japan), Tokuhain Hokoku (Report from Correspondents), NHK Documentary, Kaigai Report (Reports from Overseas), Reportage Nippon (Reportage on Japan), and NHK Tokushu (NHK Special).
April, 1982 Moved to New York City. Studied English and international politics at New York University.
February, 1983
- through, 1986
Worked as video editor at the NHK New York bureau. Assignments included NC9 and Daitoryo Senkyo (a special program on the presidential election).
1984 In charge of video editing on the US side for NHK special programs on the presidential election in the US, including the Republican and Democratic conventions.
1985 Member of NHK New York Bureau media development project.
April, 1986 Joined New York City based Electric Film Company and set up and managed the company’s Japan division. Responsibilities included NHK documentaries, producing English language instruction programs, research, coordination, interviews, and filming.
May, 1989 Establish the television program production company East West Television, Inc., in New York, which fulfilled contracts for production of NHK documentaries, English language instruction programs, for research, coordination, interviews, and filming.
May, 2006 Established Office Amano as a Tokyo entity.
May, 2007 Returned to Japan after 25 years in New York City.
October, 2007 Worked for Zak Corporation (through October, 2010)
October 15, 2010 Incorporated Office Amano as a Japanese company.


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